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Reindeerspotting, Some thoughts about the movie
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Posted: Sep 11 2010, 12:00 AM

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It might be going too far to call "Reindeerspotting" a sobering experience to watch, but I guarantee it will make you think about your addictions. At my age the lead star of "Reindeerspotting" already committed wanton suicide - after a life of crime and purely horrifying binges of shooting up, of which only some highlights we get to see in the movie. (Things like why Jani, the protagonist, lost two of his fingers, are merely inferred at).

One of the most disgusting moments of the film are when the protagonist Jani is genuinely delighted about the shitload of, well, shit, at his disposal - acquired with the spoils of a supermarket heist and enjoyed in the "comfort" of a disgusting motel somewhere in middle Europe. I was left utterly slackjawed by the scene - if ever there was a better anti-drugs message to be sent, I'd like to see it.

Then there's the issue of the person who was filming all of this travesty - the self destruction of a human being, or several human beings. It comes in at the benefit of the human race surely, but some of the scenes in this movie are just so gruesome you can't help but wonder what was going on in the mind of the director, how could any human being allow such events to transpire without ever so much as trying to help the victims of their own addictions.

In retrospect, it is easy to say that Jani was beyound any help his friend could have offered. And the director does not hide that fact that he also was an addict. All in all, "Reindeerspotting" is a deeply disturbing documentary that manages to capture life in all its gory (sic).

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