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Bulletin Board Systems, Door games, anyone?
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Posted: Oct 23 2002, 03:48 PM

saboteurweb.com sysadmin

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BBS? ANSI? Door game? Synchronet, PCBoard? LORD, LORD2? TEOS? VGA Planets? Usurper?

Any of these ring a bell? The 90s, 14.4k modems, BBS's, when the Internet was just an urban legend. Thanks to Telnet, ANSI BBS's will never have to die! Sure, chats may have been replaced by IRC, message areas by web forums, private messaging my e-mail (or ICQ) and file areas are found on websites, even this one right here. (Granted that this one isn't very big, though.)

ANSI Bulletin Board Systems can live on 10 years from now. And I hope they will. Because no matter how much the Internet offers, it is still completely different from BBS's. Everything is so distant. In a BBS, there's a much closer community. And one thing that the Internet is yet to replace is door games. Seth Able's classic door games - Planets: The Exploration Of Space (TEOS), Legend Of The Red Dragon (LORD) and its sequel (which I like better than the original) offer a mood unmatched by any other game today, Seth's twisted sense of humor and a storyline that might not be much, but combined with the freedom of adventuring and sizeable worlds of these games offer gameplay superior to many 3D blasts nowadays. The fact that they are experienced through a telnet screen and ANSI colours (and in the case of LORD2, even ASCII graphics!) make them all the more fun and unique.

The BBS Corner offers information about BBS's, plus a comprehensive list of telnet BBS's out there. The registration systems can be a drag sometimes, but that's just part of the way things worked back then. Just be polite.

There are a few BBS's I'd like to mention here. First of all, your very own saboteurweb.com runs a telnet BBS dedicated to LORD 2. Feel free to stop by.

saboteurweb BBS. Telnet address: saboteurweb.com
Feel free to pop by, I run LORD2 here.

Black Thursday BBS. Telnet address: blackthursday.net
I play LORD here.

Biohazardous Materials BBS. Telnet address: biohazmat.ath.cx
I play LORD2 here. It needs more players, though.

Remember to stop by the BBS Corner for info if you're at all interested. See you out there, at Black Thursday/Biohazardous Materials!

"Unrequited love. It's fantastic, because it never has to change, it never has to grow up and it never has to die!"

- saboteur
.. sabot909@gmail.com
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