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Hotlinking and Google
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Posted: Sep 8 2006, 05:27 PM

saboteurweb.com sysadmin

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This site has been indexed into oblivion (primarily by Google) and consequently bits and pieces are getting hotlinked and pulled out all over the web (primarily in various forums - and you wouldn't believe just how many and what kinds!). This is troubling, because at occasion I use copyrighted content in low detail for illustrative purposes, which falls under fair use.

But when robots index the content and users then link it out of context, that is - while out of my control - something I could at some point be held liable for. What to do?

Remove all the content? Possibly, and if this problem gets any worse, that'll be the first step to take. Implement techniques to kill off hotlinking? Great, but unreliable, may cause accessibility issues, as well as being a lot of work for me.

I like the fact that I can be found through Google in case someone searches for me. That's why I haven't restricted any web-crawlers through robots.txt rules. But it seems there's a cost involved.

And further, there's a lot of content buried here that I don't really agree with anymore, but I like to keep around for completeness. But maybe it would be wise to restrict some of that content for users who are interested in the topics they involve, instead of parading it for everyone on the web. That would mean locking more content behind user-registration restrictions.

Or maybe I'll just close down the current saboteurweb.com completely, in favor of a new, higher quality web publication instead of a random collection of my ramblings.

"Unrequited love. It's fantastic, because it never has to change, it never has to grow up and it never has to die!"

- saboteur
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