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Please excuse me while I dance
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Posted: Oct 20 2019, 08:47 PM

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Killjoy by Fox Stevenson is out and it is straight fire. A heart eyes emoji is woefully insufficient to describe my love for this album, it has simply had me swooning. And dancing. In my bedroom, sure why not. And also maaaybe going a little too hard on the volume in the car, I doubt my ears are thanking me. I don't know what pact with the devil mr. Fox has made to be able to create these wicked basslines but whatever the case, they're out there for all our benefit. Don't let his sacrifice be in vain, blast this album as loud as you responsibly can.

A lot of emotion packed within too, as you'd expect from any music that I fanboy over this hard. Time being at a premium, I will leave the post at this - it just had to be said!

Also, do message me on twitter or insta (yes, it's supposed to be blank) if you are going to the Korsakov Weekender in Rotterdam Nov 1st, I would love to hear from others who will be there!

"Unrequited love. It's fantastic, because it never has to change, it never has to grow up and it never has to die!"

- saboteur
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