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Posted by: Saboteur Jun 18 2016, 09:42 AM
Hey now. A couple of years ago I It's basically my go-to playlist for almost any occasion. The list is constantly evolving as I have chosen to limit the length to roughly 4 hours - which means every time I find another inspiring track, I also have to choose what to drop off from the list to keep the length.

Along the way I've been cycling some of the tracks in via another list, a kind of "bubbling under" list. But I reckon it's reached the stage where the other list has sort of come into its own, already at 4 hours and full of awesome stuff too. So I decided to share the FOTM Alternative! Some of it is a little bit different in style than what I rock on the main list, but the music isn't "worse" by any standard imaginable. I just want to try and keep the main list at the target length to ensure the freshness.

So, just wanted to spread the love. Have an awesome day! <3

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