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Glance into the demodir, not many of these lately
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Posted: Oct 6 2006, 12:37 PM

saboteurweb.com sysadmin

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Time to do something I haven't done in ages - give a little review on what's been added to the demodir since the last time I made a post like this. I'll start from the top and work my way down - not qualitywise (that would be a waste of time eh), but chronologically.

diffs.ogg is unimpressive sound-wise, or at least doesn't aspire to a stadium sound like some of my efforts have. Just basic saw wave bleeps from cheap VSTis mixed together with a low-quality sample chop-job. Rhythm thing I guess?

meh.ogg dates back a month - or more, since that's just when I uploaded it - and is really just a drumtest. I was trying to get a deep, compressed beat going with some kind of breakish background drumming. Think "The Rub Off" by Plump DJs with the breaks by Stanton Warriors. Yeah well. Namedropping does me no favors when the actual sound is so... lame! Lacks crispness, it does. Like most of my work. The tempo sucks too. Actually I kind of regret uploading this now. Anyway, onwards.

4546545.ogg is something slightly better for a change... At least I think it has a zing to it, some actual inspiration in there somewhere. Too bad I never got around to developing this theme, because I think this track flows much better than most of this shit.

moment.ogg was already covered in this newspost, but I might as well cover it since the newspost was just a little unintelligent poem. This one is more wholesome and developed than any other track mentioned in this newspost, though it doesn't manage the atmosphere of 45436345 or whatever the fuck I decided to call the previous track. Features a London Elektricity vocal sample, but I won't tell anyone if you don't. (Oops!)

Well, that covers this update. The previous actual demodir update was posted in May - you can read it here to get references to older tracks. Finally a note about a shorthand URL that's available to jump into the demodir directly: www.saboteurweb.com/demodir. It's just a file listing with no descriptions, however you can sort the files by release date to get to the newest stuff.

Have a nice weekend!

"Unrequited love. It's fantastic, because it never has to change, it never has to grow up and it never has to die!"

- saboteur
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